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9097I think the personal blog style reviews are just great. Usually composed by just one individual, they are so very much more personal. These types of reviews are typical an out pouring of information from the blogger after they have bought the product and made their very own food recipesĀ  in their home kitchen. When looking at kitchen gadgets I actually prefer it when the review originates from recipe blogs. Maybe it’s because the reviewer isn’t really working on the review but on how well the gadget does in the recipe they are trying to create.

Within the personal blogger style review sites there are many different types. The style and type of reviews will be determined in what the product is that is being review and what the character of the person doing the reviewing. On my travels around the reviewers blogespher I’ve found a couple of different types and I must say that I do like this Ninja Ultima Pro Blender vs. Vitamix Blender review.

I liked this best blender review since it was relatively short and direct, straight to the point. A no nonsense comment from the review that i liked was

Is it worth the money? Absolutely!

This was the result of the review and with that type of directness I can defiantly get a feeling of how the reviewer felt about the product.

You could be forgiven for complaining that the review is a bit short and you don’t get enough information to make the best decision of which blender to buy. No problem there is an in depth video for all this visual junkies out there

To be perfectly frank if an unbiased review it provides a video then i will watch it before reading any text for that page.

Pros For This Style

  • Short, precise and direct
  • To the point
  • The video review was the blogger

Cons For This Style

  • Too many buy it links
  • Preference for the most expensive

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